Pramids, Sphinx and luxor temple Egypt
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Your travel guide to Egypt for cheap holidays

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7 days of Fun,  Egypt travel guide

This is a travel guide to Egypt for tourists to know what they need to plan a holiday to Egypt. Some of the information listed here may vary from time to time so it will be good to visit this page every now and then to get updated information. We hope you enjoy your vacation in Egypt and come back for many visits.

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Egypt local time and daylight saving time

Standard Egypt local time: GMT +2, Clock is moved one hour forward standard time as per the following schedule:
Egypt summer daylight saving time starts at midnight (12:00 AM ) on the last Friday in April and ends last Thursday in September.

Egyptian money

The currency of Egypt is the Egyptian pound or Livre Egyptien (in French) and is abbreviated as LE. The pound is divided to 100 piastres. The current average exchange rate of the pound is 5.45 X USD (subject to daily change) . Egyptian banknotes and coins are as follows:

Egyptian banknotes

A few years ago all money in Egypt had banknote version starting from small cash like 5 or 10 piastres, but now the lowest Egyptian banknotes of value is the five pounds. Other bills are the ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred and two hundred bills. here are photos and information about banknotes in Egypt.

Five Pounds banknote

5 Egyptian pounds note

Ten Pounds banknote

10 Egyptian pounds

5 Egyptian pounds

Ten Egyptian pound note

Twenty Pounds banknote

twenty Egyptian pounds

Fifty Pounds banknote

Egyptian note of twenty pounds 50 Egyptian pounds

One hundred Pounds banknote


Two hundred Pounds banknote

Egyptian coinage

Egyptian coins are made of copper and silver alloys, round in shape and have embossed pharaonic and Islamic style pictures and calligraphy. Coins replaced the banknotes of values less than 5 pounds. Coins are difficult to carry so be careful when you have some of them in your pocket, you can put them in a wallet with a zippered pocket or coin case (which is rare ) or you can put them in your jacket pocket.

Five Piastres (Coin)

This coin is rarely used in Egypt as its value is quite negligible in every day dealings although it is the price of a bread loaf.

Ten Piastres (Coin)

Although this coin is still in circulation, it is seldom used in Egypt as its value is too small. For 10 piastres you can buy only buy two loaves of bread.

Twenty piastres (Coin)

Beautiful design but little value of money in Egypt. Just carry this piece if you need a change (it maybe rare too)..

Quarter (Coin & Banknote)

This coin is still in circulation and is the smallest Egyptian currency value issued in banknote. For a quarter or 25 piastres you can pay for the tramway ticket in Alexandria.

Half Pound

Coin & Banknote

The 50 piastres coin is produced from specific metals. banknotes of this unit have been cancelled by the Egyptian financial authorities a few years ago.

One Pound

Coin & Banknote

A few years ago the Egyptian pound was issued only in banknote but now you can only find it as a coin as the Egyptian government decided it is cheaper to produce coins and cancelled printing of the one pound note.

Egypt currency exchange rates

These exchange rates are approximate and may be different than current rate. You may consider these exchange rates as a pointer to the price of Egyptian pound to your currency when you plan a trip to Egypt.
USD 5.79 KWD 20.20
Euro 7.70 SAR 1.54
BGP 8.93 AED 1.57
CAD 5.75 QTR 1.58
AUD 5.85 JPY 100 7.08

* Exchange rates date Jan 2011

Distances between Cairo and main Egyptian cities

City Km miles City Km miles
Abu simbel 1235 768 Ismailia 135 84
Alexandria 217 135 Kharga Oasis 575 359
Assiut 386 231 Luxor 679 422
Aswan 926 578 Port Said 212 132
Damietta 295 190 Siwa Oasis 700 437
Hurghada 510 317 Suez 129 80

Inland phone dialing codes of main Egyptian cities

Alexandria 3 Hurghada 653
Arish 68 Luxor 952
Assiut 882 Mansoura 50
Aswan 972 Marsa Matrouh 46
Cairo 2 Port Said 663
Damietta 57 Rafah 68
El Dakhla 92 Safaga 653
El Fayoum 84 Sharm El Sheikh 693
El Minia 86 Taba 693
Giza 2 6th october 2
Ismailia 64 10th Ramadan 15


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Pramids, Sphinx and luxor temple Egypt


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